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Sunday, 4 November 2012

The countdown has begun

In just a few days, we should know the outcome of the US Presidential election - or maybe not! Some of the polls say it is too close to call, others predict a victory for Obama; but not necessarily the Democrats. The astrologers, on balance, also think it is more likely to be Obama; then remind their readers that Mercury (the planet of communication) will begin its retrograde cycle at this time. This could produce delays or an inconclusive outcome, as it did with the election of George W Bush.

Back in August on this blog, I wrote that I did not think Israel would undertake a major strike against Iran's nuclear facilities until after the election, or possibly into 2013. This was despite many people thinking such action was imminent. Well, that impediment is almost out of the way. Romney would almost certainly support it and Obama, I suspect, would remain as neutral as it is possible to be.

My understanding is that Israeli representatives have already spoken with both 'camps', without openly admitting the date they have pencilled in. What we do know, is that a couple of weeks ago the Israeli airforce had a 'trial run' against a missile-making factory in Sudan that supplies Iran. As well as inflicting significant damage, they also proved their capabilities in electronically jamming radar and air air defence systems; critical for any attack on Iran.

Love it or loathe it, you know that Israel is never going to turn the other cheek when it feels threatened. Because they are so reliant upon US dollars, they have had to accept (reluctantly) some constraints; in this case waiting until after the election. Then, they will do what they want to do.

If you thought 2012 was a 'difficult' year, just wait for 2013. If you have already read Alpha to Omega, you will know my take on it.

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