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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Korea and Alpha to Omega

Those of you who have read the book will know that North Korea, although only briefly mentioned, plays a pivotal role in the plot of Alpha to Omega. In some ways, fact looks like following fiction.

In my last post, I referred briefly to what was going on in the Korean peninsula. In just two short weeks, tension has increased rapidly. Missiles are being moved, as are the other side's missile shields. Troop build- ups are escalating and everyone has started to take things seriously. By why now? Why at this particular moment?

Today, North Korea pulled the date of 10th April out of the hat as the day of reckoning. News commentators and others couldn't fathom why. They obviously take no interest in astrology. I suspect North Korea's leaders do! This is the date of the New Moon and if you take North Korea's astrological chart as commencing at partition from the South in 1948, you will see that it is directly opposing their natal Chiron.

Sorry if this is confusing or annoying you, but I'm trying to establish why this date might have been selected by the North.  I won't go into the Greek mythology, you can read it up for yourself. Suffice to say that Chiron was a 'noble' centaur who sacrifices his life for others and is rewarded by being given a place in the heavens as the constellation Centaurus. Although not immortal in life, he became immortal in death.

At around the same time all this is going on (April 10th), the planet Mars (planet of war) is hovering around the New Moon and, consequently, also opposing Chiron in the North's chart.

Now I'm not asking you to sign up to believing in astrology (it's a bit like Bovril - you like it or hate it), but I am asking you to think about why North Korea might be thinking about it as an auspicious date. I'm sure they don't think they could win any war, but I think they might think they are being smart and creative. Would they sacrifice their country to achieve 'immortality' against the bullying opposition (as they see it) or is it brinkmanship to achieve greater recognition and status in the eyes of others?

It is also possible that decades of isolation has so warped the collective mind of  North Korea that they are no longer capable of what we might consider rational thought. In short, they have become an enormous 'sect', with a mindset similar to that of Jim Jones in 1978 or Waco in 1993.