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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Interview on Mysterious Writings

I recently gave an interview to Jenny Kile on the website Mysterious Writings. Jenny was not only interested in Alpha to Omega, but also in my book The Ultimate Quest.
You can find the interview (6 questions and answers) at


  1. Hello William,

    Just wanted to say that I follow your blog closely and I'm glad you did this interview.

    In it you mention that "The Ultimate Quest" is the only book to reveal the true origin of the grail and it has not even been hinted at in the last 2000 years.

    I believe (and hope) that there are other books which have hinted at this truth, even fairly recent ones. Some of the books I am thinking of were mentioned on the Mysterious Writings webpage however there are many others which I think hold some hidden knowledge. I guess you could say I am a collector of these books.

    I am curious as to what your opinion of these books is. Is the knowledge in them related to the real origin of the grail or are they completely misguided? Maybe there are some books out there you haven't heard of (or deciphered yet).



  2. I would not call them all misguided.Some are, of course, opportunistic; some have simply picked up on ancient writings or stories and represented or re-interpreted them.
    I cannot claim to know every book that has been writtten on the subject; but I have read a good many of them or know the stories or theories that influence them. Like others, I have also seen many of the documentaries that have been produced over the years
    If, as many people do, you believe the Grail stories are simply myth or perhaps an amalgam of different stories or beliefs, then any of the hundreds of other books may be interesting or believable.
    If, however, you believe the Grail actually exists, then there can only be one truth. Then, you must make your choice as to which book holds that truth.
    I am happy to stick with my view that the true origin of the Grail has not been identified in the past 2000 years. Had it been, then it would be a story that was widely known - but it is not!

  3. Hi William, you mentioned the Grailed existed before religions. And the Holy Grail as we know was spread around europe in the 12-13 centuary. You also mention, that grail was not tied to bloodline theory of jesus and mary.

    You mention that 2 had become tied together because they are similar stories.

    So if Grail was around before religion that would mean the story of the grail today is like blood line theory, ie because of the similarities in the stories the 2 have become one.The holy grail was tied to something know before it was know as the holy grail.

    So am i right in saying that exploring the concepts in the holygrail a picture or link can be formed to the true grail?

    becuase holy grail isnt the real grail but becuase its similar to the true grail the 2 stories have become one . just like holy grail and blood line story today.

    hope that makes sense. i m actually exploring this avenue at moment.

    1. Certainly things have become intertwined; sometimes correctly, sometimes erroneously.
      The grail (chalice)certainly pre-dates Christianity.

  4. Hello William Lynhope

    I apologise for this post being more of a question than a comment but there is no other way of contacting you!

    Although the quest has officially ended are you perhaps interested to know if anyone has solved it? A few days ago I contacted the original publishers about this but they said that all communication regarding answers/solutions had ceased.

    I enjoyed reading your interview and started thinking about the quest again (after a year or so of not thinking about it) and suddenly I think I may have solved it. I'm pretty sure that I always realised what the grail was/is but I now understand what question 6 was asking for and I think it is a clever way of linking the grail to a possible source for the physical grail cup prize and to one of the characters in the story. (I think I may have got the 'where' correct in previous answers). I have also changed my locations for the two invitations and it all makes sense now.

    It was such a shame that the quest was ended so abruptly without much notice as this lead to 'guesses' rather than critical thinking. So finally, do you have any suggestions as to what those of us who have worked on this should do if they really think that they have the solution particularly as you say in your interview that there are no offers or plans to relaunch it?


  5. Your e-mail was forwarded to me. I am intrigued by your thinking, but regret you are no further forward in correctly answering all the questions that were posed. I would suggest that you now put TUQ to one side in respect of the clues. But by all means remember and reflect on the story.
    As I suggested in the interview, there are links between TUQ and Alpha to Omega. Not in the sense of providing new clues, but as a line of continuity in certain issues that were first raised in TUQ. If, by any chance, you have read Alpha to Omega, you will probably understand what I mean.

  6. Are you still there to communicate with?