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Monday, 23 July 2012

Alpha to Omega: a time of change

At the end of my last post, I briefly referred to the fact that the rich and powerful - according to recent research - tend to be more greedy and less caring than the rest of the population. This is not some quick value judgement, it's the result of six years work. Through various experiments, some of them quite mundane, the researcher concluded they are not a particularly nice group.

The truth is, they are totally out of touch with the lives and problems of the rest of us. Now maybe it didn't need six years of methodical research to come to this conclusion - but at least the 'haves' cannot now accuse people of being jealous, biased, ill-informed or whatever stock phrases they roll out when faced with criticism. This is objective research.

"I know what it's like to lose your job", says the disgraced multi-millionaire banker or the politician who loses an election. Oh no you don't! Technically, maybe; but not the harsh reality. Having to go cap in hand for benefits; scrimping and saving just to be able to pay for the weekly shopping; wondering if you car breaks down whether you will be able to afford the repairs - and the list goes on.

And apparently it's not just those who are firmly entrenched at the top. The children born to the rich or famous, generally develop a view of themselves as being 'special'. They get access to education and jobs either because of money, connections or both. They may also believe they can lie, cheat or break the law; in the knowledge that money or influence will bail them out if they get caught. Drug and alcohol abuse are nothing to them; the money is there time after time to send them to an expensive clinic. The parents of a child from a poor family, can only hope, pray or vainly try to persuade.

Those, however, who have 'risen through the ranks', so to speak, also have a tendency to become greedy and less caring. The tough years seem to be soon forgotten, or at least lodged away in a safe place. Their new wealth or status creates a barrier that stops them from truly understanding (or perhaps even caring about) those who are less fortunate.

Going to a 'posh charity do' or donating money which may be tax deductible anyway, is their salve. And being seen to do it or getting your publicist to get media coverage, just adds to your status. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all this philanthropy was anonymous; even better if the giver genuinely had to forego something ( a second or third home, annual holiday, their prized sports car etc) or sell a precious possession in order to make the gift or donation.

The theme of a number of my posts and running through Alpha to Omega is change. Not only that which is overdue, but that which is inevitable. Change that is not only to do with our planet, but with our way of life.

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  1. All of mankind lives with in frame work of egoism. The one single rule that guides us in this material world, "Least amount work for the max amount pleasure."

    Mankind has/is moving into next stage development, this is a force coming from the higher level.Driving mankind to connect with each other. Nature wants us to be aware of each other, each contry. Mankind needs a little bit suffer to get him moving much like a stick to guide an ox with a little tap here and there.

    Everyone has place in this system, just as every part of your body is required and dependent on each other organ. you wouldn't remove the lungs from your body because you see them taking all the air and only feeding fraction of it back into body to be used.

    How do we bring good healthy change to the system? by correcting ourself and our intentions. Why? becuase the human soul is holographic in nature. This means if i correct myself then that component will be corrected in every other person on this planet.

    You get enough people making the correction, a tipping point will occur.

    Change is coming and its not driven by man but the forces from higher dimensions.

    The question is how much suffering is going to happen before people starting looking for a solution.