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Friday, 12 October 2012

Dominating & controlling personalities

In my last post, I referred to the politician Roy Bastable in Alpha to Omega. Events during the past week reminded me of him yet again. Let me quote a short extract, for starters:
'Are you deaf, man? Do you not understand the English language? Or are you one of those people who have trouble taking orders from your superiors?' Bastable was now performing to his true character. Gone were the days when it had to be subjugated as he weaved his way towards the top. He was there now and oiks like Aitken would be treated as they deserved.

We have seen or heard about a number of celebrities whose prominence and dominant personalities have protected them from the truth. People who became virtually untouchable.
Lance Armstrong: serial drugs cheat at the top of professional cycling who threatened his own team-mates to go along with the doping or lose their place on the team. And those who didn't, did!
(Sir) Jimmy Saville: DJ and celebrity fundraiser, who boasted he was untouchable and threatened  to stop raising funds for charity if anyone suggested he molested children. He now turns out to have been a long-term paedophile, whose 'charitable works' were almost certainly a cover to give him uncontolled access to young people and vulnerable adults. Other well-known celebrities have been implicated; some already named, some still to be named.

Whatever the 'crime', the need to dominate and control is a central issue. Those of you who can cast your mind back 15-20 years may recall a fraudster called Robert Maxwell: once a Labour MP, then a media 'mogul'. Maxwell had a vast ego. The problem was that his empire was built on sand. Make such a comment, however, and every threat imaginable would emerge. He was a thug and a bully who got away with it for decades, until even he realised the game was up and apparently fell off his yacht. A more likely scenario, however, was that one of the intelligence agencies helped him over the side; for fear that impending legal action against him would reveal too many secrets.

As I have commented previously, we are in a period when such revelations and changes to our world will become more and more evident.


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