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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Mitt Romney echoes Alpha to Omega

It seems that the Republican nominee for President has been more than a little candid in recent days; expressing his views on a range of what are deemed controversial subjects. His first mistake, however, was assuming that they would not be repeated or, as it appears, recorded. For a politician seeking the highest office, this would seem to be more than a little naive!

One newspaper report I read today branded his comments about the possibilty of nuclear attack on Chicago as 'bizarre'. It may have been indiscreet, but certainly not bizarre. Those of you who have already read my book Alpha to Omega will understand why I say this. And those of you who drop by regularly to read these posts will know that I have previously said it is not a question of if, but when a major terrorist attack takes place on a major conurbation. This is not just my view, but that echoed by many top security analysts and western politicians.

His Chicago scenario is just illustrative. It could be any major US city or European one. I happen to think that the most likely is London in 2013. This conclusion was arrived at after research into a range of related issue. If I'm wrong about the exact location, it doesn't really matter. Paris, Washington, New York - we will all experience the consequences and the changes that will occur for generations to come.


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  1. I hadn't seen the report about Romney. I'm not a supporter, but he's probably got a point. As you say, an intriguing parallel in Alpha to Omega.