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Friday, 29 June 2012

Every action has a consequence.

In an earlier post (19 May if you want to refer back to it) I included a short quote from my book Alpha to Omega. In summary, it stated that secret steps from the past tend to deliver up their unforeseen consequences many years later. Or, according to a long since dead aunt of mine, 'be sure your sins will find you out'.

Here in the UK, banks and other financial institutions seem to be the most recent 'targets' of this truth. Mis-selling and misleading their customers and the markets is becoming increasingly obvious. So, what's new you say? Well, if you go back one or two generations such things would have been pretty unthinkable. A rogue bank manager or employee possibly; but not institutionalised wrongdoing. But that is what we now have - despite a massive increase in consumer protection laws and regulation.

But the UK is by no means unique in this respect. Much of the economic mess throughout Europe is because many of its governments lied about their economic situation in order to join the euro or agreed to the 'rules' without any intention of sticking by them. Similarly, many of their largest banks and financial institutions thought that they were above mundane rules and regulations; and even the basic tenets of common sense. No doubt a closer look at most countries and continents would reveal similar patterns of behaviour.

The phrase 'tipping point' is most often used in connection with the environment and consequences of global warming. I think it could now equally be applied to our civilisation as a whole. You may or may not have liked history at school, but it shows us time and time again how the world 're-balances' itself. Ice ages, natural disasters, wars and pandemics have all played their part. As a result of all of these, a new order or civilisation is invariably created.



  1. This is really interesting. Tend to only look at specific problems or incidents rather than think of them as being part of something bigger.
    Where does that leave the millions of starving and poor in places like Africa?

    1. I believe in a very difficult situation. We cannot even maintain any kind of equilibrium at present. If economic difficulties that beset the world get any worse, then the various forms of aid (including voluntary giving) will undoubtedly stagnate or be reduced.
      If something on the scale happened as in my book Alpha to Omega, then there is little doubt that vast numbers of people in Africa (and other aided countries) would perish.
      If you've read the book, however, the final thoughts of Aitken offer some hope.

  2. This tends to be so true. And now more than every before in history it seems that feelings about an action come before logic and lack of reason is causing society and individuals to falter and fall in so many ways.

    Tossing It Out