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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Alpha to Omega: do 'predictions' come true?

How many of us would confess to an action or decision that we took without a second thought or inkling of the consequences that would later flow from it?

...yet life is a continuous chain of such incidents, with no moment in the present or future being unconnected with some moment from the past. More often than not, secret steps from the past deliver up their unforeseen consequences many years later. But not in a random or coincidental sort of way. There is a moment, whether for better or worse, when the fruit of past actions or events eventually becomes ripe.
In nature, fruiting results in either the death of the plant or the start of a new cycle of development and growth. In life, it is no different.

Two small extracts from Alpha to Omega. Although only published at the end of 2011, they were actually written more than two years ago. Such is the gestation period of most books. Events of the past week vaguely reminded me of the words I had written and I went back to the text to remind myself. As I've said before, I like to intertwine fact and fiction, but I had no intention of becoming a latter day Nostradamus.

The first was the ongoing Euro crisis and the admission that the Greek government had 'cooked the books' (lied!) in order to be allowed to join the Euro. Just consider the consequences of this action; not just for Greece, but for Europe and the world economy in general. It is also clear that other members who joined the single currency, either lied about their actual economic readiness or had no intention of sticking to the rules once they were in.

The other is the postion of the Prime Minister, David Cameron. Not only his relationship with various News International people (including Rebekah Brooks, recently charged with criminal offences) but also the slow but obvious disconnection with members of his own party and the British electorate. Those of you who have already read Alpha to Omega, will recognise why I am intrigued with this state of affairs.
Finally, just as I was about to sit down and write this piece, I read that statisticians from Imperial College, London have concluded that Vladimir Putin's re-election as Russian President and the earlier December parliamentary elections, contradict the laws of statistics. Or they were the result of very amateur vote rigging. In Chechnya, where Putin previously waged a bloody war against the people, he got 99.5% of the vote!

Another 'box to tick' for Alpha to Omega readers!

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  1. That's intriguing. Now you point them out, I can remember the bits you refer to.