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Saturday, 17 March 2012


Whether you have found this blog by chance or deliberately came looking for it - welcome!

Alpha to Omega and my previous book, The Ultimate Quest, have one thing in common: they are both based around things I was told, experienced or observed. Not flights of the imagination, but facts. In both cases, during my time as a senior academic in Oxford. These lay dormant for a while, before I decided to explore their possibilities further.

Before I started to write Alpha to Omega, I undertook extensive research; not only to satisfy myself that the facts I had were correct, but also to provide the 'flesh' to put upon the skeleton that already existed. Only then did I begin to write, interweaving fact with fiction. Some readers enjoy the added dimension this style of storytelling brings with it, others prefer their reading to be pure flights of fancy. You pay your money and take your choice!

If you write, the first objective is always to complete your book and get it published. But there are also other objectives. One of mine was satisfied by the following quote: Just ask yourself, could it really happen? The answer is probably yes! These two short sentences confirmed that, at least in the eyes of one reader, I had achieved one of the things that I set out to do.

There is a word of warning, however. Choose your title carefully! Only once I had finished writing did I realise that there are a lot of publications around with Alpha and/or Omega in their titles. Not a good thing if you are hoping for a prominent listing on Google or other search engine. But those who might have already read the book will probably understand why it was difficult to change the title.

If you are interested in reading sample chapters of the book before deciding whether or not to buy it, can I therefore suggest that you use both title and author (Alpha to Omega, William Lynhope) in your Google or other search engine box. That way, you are likely to be quickly directed to all online retailers worldwide, as well as the different formats.

Please drop by again; either after you have read the book or just to learn a bit more about how it came into being. If you have any comments (preferably constructive rather than just rude!) or would like to share your own writing experiences, then please do leave a message.

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