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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A quick response to the query about Gareth Williams.

Firstly, thanks to those who have already joined my blog. I hope that a few more of the 250 or so who have already viewed it in the last 10 days will also sign up.
As to the point about when the Gareth Williams inquest is due, it is my understanding that it will convene again at the end of this week. The first hearing in February was adjourned pretty rapidly and I do not imagine this week's hearing will last too long.
Although dozens of 'witnesses' may give evidence, most of it it likely to be done anonymously!
My 'mole' tells me that the 'party line' (the official story) has already been agreed. Only some really strong independent evidence has any chance of blowing it off course. We'll have to wait and see.
There is some interesting cctv evidence linking the Russian embassy in London with the affair. This partly fuels my interest, as it resonates with my book.

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